Police Association


The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police service, whether on active duty or retired, and without distinction as to rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion. It's purpose is to create bonds of friendship and to promote international co-operation.

It is committed to the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and recognises that any form of torture is absolutely inconsistent with these principles. It's aims include the development of cultural relations amongst it's members, a broadening of their general knowledge and an exchange of professional experience. In addition, it seeks to foster mutual help in the social sphere and to contribute, within the limits of it's possibilities, to the peaceful co-existence of different peoples and to the preservation of world peace.

IPA Malta Section membership benefits

Numerous activities and projects are enjoyed by members nationally and internationally.

International Travel Forms are exchanged between Sections for members or groups of members wanting information, contact with other members or sometimes hosting, when travelling abroad.

Friendship Weeks, Sports Events and Anniversary Celebrations with social and cultural flavours are held regularly, both nationally and internationally.

Professional Study/Exchange or Travel Scholarships are encouraged in many Sections and are sometimes available to those seeking professional exchanges.

Hobbies Groups, which vary from Section to Section, allow members to share their interests with other like-minded people. For example, Radio Amateurs, Computer Enthusiasts, Golfers, Genealogists, Go-Karting, etc. are just a few of the activities enjoyed by members.

Members' families: the Association welcomes and encourages involvement of spouses, partners and children.Social Events are enjoyed at local (Branch) level to establish and maintain bonds of friendship and camaraderie
IPA Houses have been established in a number of countries for the benefit of members and their families.

Gimborn Castle, in Germany, is known as the Flagship of the International Police Association. It is the IPA's International Conference Centre where seminars, conferences and meetings are held.

The International Youth Holiday Program is the exchange or hosting of sons and daughters of IPA members. It enables the young person to experience another culture and gain the opportunity to further their educational and cultural experience in the safety of the family circle.
International Youth Gatherings are hosted annually by different Sections, inviting 15 - 17 year olds, in groups of around 50 participants. Sons and daughters of members enjoy a special theme, with activities to encourage an 'international spirit'.

  1. Visit to the Commissioner of Police
    Visit to the Commissioner of Police
  2. IPA Member Visiting from Wales
    IPA Member Visiting from Wales
  3. Visit from Germany
    Visit from Germany
  4. IPA Member from Spain
    IPA Member from Spain
  5. IPA Malta National President with the Commissioner of Police
    IPA Malta National President with the Commissioner of Police
  6. Visit from IPA Germany
    Visit from IPA Germany


Please note that Malta has the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for these 6 months (till 31/06/2017).

For this reason, during certain times we might be busy and unavailable due to various work related committments. Please appreciate that we are a small section and our resources are limited.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.