The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police service, whether on active duty or retired, and without distinction as to rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion. It's purpose is to create bonds of friendship and to promote international co-operation.

It is committed to the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and recognises that any form of torture is absolutely inconsistent with these principles. It's aims include the development of cultural relations amongst it's members, a broadening of their general knowledge and an exchange of professional experience. In addition, it seeks to foster mutual help in the social sphere and to contribute, within the limits of it's possibilities, to the peaceful co-existence of different peoples and to the preservation of world peace.

IPA Malta Section

IPA Malta section was accepted as a National Section of the International Police Association on the 30th April 1964 during the World Congress which was held in Blackpool, LIverpool (UK).

Before the UK Congress, members of the Malta Police Force could only join IPA as foreign associate members of IPA UK Section, since Malta was still a United Kingdom colony until 1964, and the UK Section had a branch in Malta administered by members of the Adminralty Constabulary.

At that time the Adminaralty Costabulary who were under the command of the Royal Navy Admiralty, had the executive power within the British compounds of the Royal Airforce, Royal Navy and the British Army, scattered in different localities around the island.

When Malta gained independence on the 21st September 1964, members of the Malta Police Force started joining IPA Malta and for the few years, the National Executive Committee was made up of members of the Admiralty Constabulary and the Malta Police Force.

Gradualy during rundown of the British Services and later the closure of the British bases in Malta, the National Executive Committee was elected all from members of the Malta Police, who started administering the section.

Being independent, autonomous and a voluntary association, in March 2010 IPA Malta was accepted as a voluntary organisation registration number VO/0339/2010.

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