IBZ Schloss Gimborn

The International Center was established by the International Police Association with the aim of promoting international understanding, the cross-border cooperation and of civic education in 1969 and is now supported by a team with more than 560 members from Europe and overseas. This is both to individual members as well as to organizations of the International Police Association (IPA). The IPA is the largest international professional association of police officers. It has about 400,000 members in 67 countries and prescribed since it was founded in 1950 with the objectives of international understanding and the personal contacts regardless of gender, grade, nationality and religious and political beliefs.

The proverbial Gimborner atmosphere still has the greatest all events of the IBZ. The old walls of the castle, which is privately owned by the Baron von Fürstenberg, the idyllic ensemble of church, school, farm, Castle Hotel and Castle of 25 souls-map Gimborn and scenic location in the wooded Bergisch Land practicing on every visitor their irresistible charm from. Secluded yet easily accessible, located Gimborn, near Gummersbach, 50 KM east of Cologne, in the middle of a triangle formed by the motorways A 3, A 4 and and A45. The next, to be achieved by regional train from Cologne train station is in Engelskirchen (13 km from Gimborn away). The nearest airport Cologne-Bonn is 45 KM away.
The seminars of the IBZ engages primarily on current sociopolitical topics with police terms, but also deals with communication, health management and professional development. In addition to many German seminars are also conducted international, multilingual seminars regularly. The IBZ is understood not as a school for adults and not as a lecture operating academic knowledge, but it comes to allow participants an exchange of professional and personal opinions and experiences. Offering not only nationwide transnational, but also internationally perceived offer to provide police personnel training and human encounter in unique surroundings, the IBZ Schloss Gimborn as adult education institution is unique. The possibility of official posting of police officers and police officers to attend seminars of the IBZ has been used in recent years by the police authorities of the federal and state governments in encouraging moderation.

Facilities and Ambiente

If you drive towards Gimborn, it is meant to go into another world. No modern interventions disturb the historic ensemble in the countryside of church, castle, (former) school and other residential and office buildings of 18-19. Century. Since 1874 Gimborn Castle belongs to the Barons von Fürstenberg-Gimborn. Current owner is Peter Baron von Fürstenberg.

Since 1969 Gimborn Castle houses the Information and Education Centre of the "International Police Association", the largest international association of police officers. Guests of the IBZ appreciate the stylish atmosphere, the special service, the community and conviviality.
The International Center uses space in four buildings: Castle (guest rooms, meeting rooms, public spaces), the Castle annexe (meeting rooms, offices, guest rooms) and school (guest rooms) and Old Rentei (bed and breakfast). Very popular for social gatherings is the Tower Bar with wine vault in the castle.
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Arthur Troop Scholarships

The Arthur Troop Scholarship (ATS) is open for applications from IPA members worldwide. Arthur Troop Scholarships are awarded annually and at least one will be granted to each continent in which IPA have member sections – Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

​Each scholarship consists of a bursary of up to 2500 €, to be used for a seminar at the International Conference Centre IBZ Schloss Gimborn, or at a comparable institution.

Applicants must have been an IPA member for at least 1 year before applying, and the scholarship must be taken between 1 January and 31 December of the year following the awarding of the scholarship (extensions are not granted).

Arthur Troop Scholarships may be awarded to any IPA member in the Police service/ law enforcement, but are predominantly targeted at our younger members. Applicants are required to submit an application form setting out their reasons to support their selection together with an estimated financial plan.

Applications must be processed through their national sections and forwarded to the International Administration Centre (IAC) at iac@ieb-ipa.org. The deadline for applications is 31 July of each year.

The chair of the Professional Commission (PC) will process the applications. After the assessment of the PC and the decision of the IEB, awardees will be announced during the following World Congress.
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